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President - Dr Phil N. Nelson
Dr. Nelson has always had a passion for Mass Communication since he was 12 years of age. As he grew older the local radio jocks knew him because he started calling into the radio stations at the age of 16. He started street work when he was 13 and at the age of 16 he would work with the Jocks to do in the park parties. He learned under some of the most profound DJs in Hampton Roads. He attended Virginia State University in 1979 and went on to gain hands-on training. He professionally started out in the Broadcasting industry in 1984. at “WOWI 103” in 1984. From 1985 to 1993, he stepped into an interim role as music director and assistant program director in addition to his on-air show for WOWI “103 Jamz”, “Touch 96.1” and “WMYK-94”In 2004, he left Hampton Roads and relocated to Northern Virginia. His talent and reputation soon caught the eye of the prestigious WHUR radio in Washington DC where he was the on-air personality for the overnight shift 12am-6am and The Quiet Storm fill in for 8 years. In 2019 he was picked up by Radio One Washington for on air weekends at Praise 104.1. Always involved in the community. He is the Minister of Media at his church and the CEO of Nelson Media & iNVESTMENTS. the Co founder of The Hampton Roads Black Radio Announcers, HRBRAA. He is a producer and a director and the Radio Jock who gave the legendary Marvin Gaye protege a chance on the radio in Hampton Roads. 

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Secretary - Executive Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Glenda P. Murray Kelly, aka G Paris
G Paris is her writer's name, she is an author, publisher, observational journalist who holds multiple memberships in various National organizationals. A former civil servant Office of the Secretary of the Army, the Pentagon where she was a Case Editor for EEOC Review Agency.  A graduate of various colleges and universities; a gospel songwriter and performer; also, host of the Covering Show I Heart Radio. Her interest in Radio dates back to the early 70's when TV was Black and White and listening to Radio on Sunday morning was a must. Daddy Jack Holmes, was the platform in our households in the African American Community. He was like a second God to wake us up. She is known for her volunteer service and has been in ministry for over 40 years. She was trained under the North Carolina Gospel Radio Guile and represented the CBN Radio station at the Stellar Awards in 2008. A former employee of the Christian Broadcasting Network, 700 Club. She is the co-founder of the Hampton Roads Black Radio Announcers Association which is designed to bring incentive and community vision. She has served as a Correspondent for White House Inquires and under her ministry is a certified agent for awards. She has received over 100 special  recognitions from churches, community organizations and helping agencies. She has served as writer, editor, producer, director, executive producer for major projects in Las Vegas, LA and Atlanta. 








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Correspondence Secretary/Financial - Elder Latrese B Carter
Elder Carter started out in radio some 15 years ago under Bishop L.E/ Willis with Crusade for Christ. Her mother laid her to the radio station at a very early age. Due to her talent as a singer many wanted to hear the gifted child. Latrese is a profound playwright, organizer, fundraiser, graphic designer and lover of the Arts. She is an actress, orator, and performing arts. She sings background music with various national artists. A graduate of Old Dominion University and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.She is the founder of Faith Walk Productions and believes that everything must be done in Faith. Latrese has the ability to draw over thousands of people to an audience. She is the co-founder of Black Men Rock and has leveled up in the production to attack and to bring big name artists and business men into Hampton Roads for honor and celebration. She is a producer and director. 
Parliamentarian -  Rev. Ronnie Joyner, II
Ronnie is an outstanding Radio personality who started at a very early age. His father The Rev. Ronnie Joyner served as a radio jock many years ago and is still carrying on the business of sharing the gospel. Norfolk State University back in the 90's was very open to bringing students who majored in Mass Communication on air. Ronnie is educated and skilled in all facets of Media. From radio to programming to videography and production. With the strength of his family he has grown a lot in the industry and is well known for his preaching and teaching ability. Ronnie serves as the Production Manager with HRBRAA and is very meek and humble. He has served his family well and comes from a powerful background of preachers and Pastors within his family. He is indeed a generational Radio Jock. Soon he will take over the Pastoral ministry of his fathers church.
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