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The National Black Radio Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization established to provide a place where people of all ages are able to learn about the history and achievements of Black Radio Nationally. 


The need to establish The National Black Radio Hall Of Fame resulted from the underrepresentation of the many contributions and accolades by personalities that played a premiere and essential part in the shaping of the history of National radio.  The goal of the organization is to recognize and commemorate these personalities often overlooked by national institutions.



The National Black Radio Hall of Fame offers the following services:



Black Radio Hall of Fame Museum


Experience the feel of black radio through an array of exhibits and displays showcasing replica studios, relevant social causes, and the beginning sounds of "Soul Radio".


Outreach Programs


Schools and organizations will be able to integrate various outreach services into their curriculum such as: presentations, popular media, virtual galleries, and guest speakers.



Drop Da MIC - A program developed to assist future Leaders of America ages 9-17 with vocal presentation and production.





Interactive workshops whether you want to learn about the history of African Americans in the radio industry or what life was like for black radio pioneers in the fifties.


Special Events


Our biggest event is the Annual Induction Ceremony honoring personalities inducted in the National Black Radio Hall of Fame.


Other special events include our concert series, and youth & family events.

The opportunity to learn about a variety of events that shaped the history of black radio.



“The National Black Radio Hall of Fame experience” is designed to offer the following to each visitor:


An opportunity to celebrate the written, audio and oral history of black radio in National.

Access to a rich and dynamic culture of media, performing and visual arts, recording artists, writers and public relations.










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