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  • Don Sainte-Johnn (Friday, March 06 20 11:59 pm EST)

    Love the site. Great work!

  • Brandi Shannon (Sunday, February 16 20 09:52 pm EST)

    Love the many pictures of the black women in radio, how can I get mind up?

  • Lori Johnson (Wednesday, February 27 19 02:58 pm EST)

    Having loved listening to the velvety voice of Vy Higgensen growing up New York, it was an honor to have a listener comment that I reminded them of her. I began in radio sales and didn't like it. One day the production manager asked me to voice a commercial and I was hooked after that. One thing led to another when a different station General Manager gave me a chance on air. I've met and interviewed many legends, Most notably, Mrs Michelle Obama. Thank you for this opportunity to tell my story and to learn about the Radio Hall of Fame.

  • Charlotte Blount (Sunday, January 20 19 03:49 pm EST)

    I happily discovered this site and plan to stay in touch. I was a news announcer for WOOK radio n Washington, DC and later for Mutual Black Network and Sheridan broadcasting. .

  • Don Sainte-Johnn (Sunday, November 04 18 02:49 am EST)

    This is a great idea and long overdue.
    Thanks for your hard word.

  • Rebecca Crowder Clark (Saturday, June 16 18 09:18 pm EDT)

    Each time I hear her speak, Marsha George tells about this website. Although, I got her book months ago, I'm just now finally making time to come to this website. It is so important and I should have done it sooner. I've tweeted and FB this website to others so that they will be aware, informed, enlightened, and motivated.

  • طراحی سایت (Saturday, June 24 17 07:19 am EDT)

    Great site. Thank you

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