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National Black Radio Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 2020-2021



Annual Induction Awards  were held February 27, 2021 6pm est.






Posthumous Award

Guy Broady, Yvonne Daniels, Big George Threatt, Burke Johnson, Martha Jean the Queen, Irene Johnson Ware


Radio/Music Career Artist of the Year

Bobby Rush






Community Service Artist of the Year

Tony Terry


Radio Media Specialist Award


Harry Lyles – Lyles Media Group



Lifetime Media Achievement Award

Joe Madison “The Black Eagle” of the Madison Show












Special Black Radio Original 13 Award Presentation

Given by Jill Gibson Bell for

 Dorothy Brunson Family, Marshall Thompson the Chi-Lites Willie Martin “Perculator”


African American Radio Promoter Award

Ted Astin, Arlinda Garrett, Leroy Little


African American Station Owner Award

Mutter Evans, The Davis Group, Roscoe Miller


Community Service Personality Award

Derrick Chatman, Monica Pearson


Talented Sisters of Radio Award

Carol Blackmon, Shirley Ellis, Renee Miller


Talented Brothers of Radio Award

Mitch Faulkner, Bill Gay, Doug Steele


Gospel Radio Personality Award

Twanda Black, Melissa Summers, Larry Tinsley


Hip Hop Radio Personality Award

Dncredible Freddie Fred, Ryan Cameron, Greg Street


House Music Pioneer Award

Bobby Holiday, Requaya Ward


National Terrestrial Talk Radio Award

Derek Boazman, Joyce Littel




These outstanding inductees join the ranks of those who were inducted in the 2019 National Black Radio Hall of Fame held in Atlanta.  The National Black Radio Hall of Fame located in St. Louis, Mo. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable non-profit organization established in 2010 to recognize and acknowledge the countless contributions of personalities and pioneers to African American Radio Nationally.  Our facility is located in the beautifully remodeled “Big Picture School” and consists of:a museum that showcases memorabilia, exhibits, and displays honoring personalities who developed and shaped Black Radio Nationally.


An outreach component offering educational and scholarship programs that connect communities to increased higher learning opportunities through radio’s rich and dynamic past.   Special events and an annual induction ceremony honoring and enshrining Radio Personalities who have contributed to Black radio in National.


In April of 2016 we began to branch out the structure of our entity and have changed the name of the organization to The National Black Radio Hall of Fame which anticipates serving thousands of participants as more are reached in targeted populations participating on an out-of-state basis.

This business plan leads the way of the organization by establishing our vision and strategic focus: promoting the historical perspective of African Americans in National Radio to our target market segments and providing opportunities to learn about the past performance and highest achievement in National Radio.  It also provides the step-by-step plan for: developing ongoing fundraising, achieving organizational sustainability, and strengthening the organization's overall capacity.






Contact Information

1-866-206-9069 x5511  

Submit all BIO's to radioprofiles@gmail.com







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