We are the members of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame Atlanta Chapter.  Feel free to contact us in regards to supporting our projects and soon to be established Atlanta Museum location.



Marsha Washington George            President/Facility Historian

                 Black Men in Radio Historical Project


Felesha Love                                  Vice President/Director of Development Media Posts

                 Black Women in Radio Historical Project


Debbie Ireland                                Recording Secretary


Julian Davis                                    Treasurer (National & Atlanta)


Attorney John Christmas                Chapter Attorney


Willie Hunter                                   Media Consultant & Promotions


James A. Miller, III                           Accountant


Dr. Bill Gay                                      Atlanta Region Facility Director


Alan Johnston                                 Promotions


Libby Anthony                                Promotions and Funding Manager


Cie Cie Wilson McGhee                   PSA National and Atlanta/Funding Manager Assistant


Rick Stevenson                               Promotions (T-Shirt/Outer wear campaign)


Ted Astin                                        Black Promoters Historical Project


Harold Thomas                               Black Promoters Historical Project


Slack Jay                                         Black Promoters Historical Project


Casual Cal                                      Kids Drop the MIC Awards Program Manager


                                                       Black Men in Radio Historical Project


Harry Lyles                                     Black Men in Radio Historical Project


Khalile Thomas                              Kids Drop the MIC Reading Liaison


Mitch Faulkner                               PSA National and Atlanta


Charles Mitchell                             PSA National and Atlanta


David Linton                                  PSA Atlanta


Paula G.                                         Kids Drop the MIC Awards Program Assistant


Eddie Levert, Jr.                             Promotions with Libby Anthony


Louie Dinwiddie                            Facility Production Assistant for WERD




* Note... Bios and Pics to be posted soon.











































































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