The Atlanta Chapter is working on a project to revamp the home of the original 1949 WERD Dial 860 facility on the second floor in the Masonic Lodge building at 330 Auburn Avenue; one floor up from where Dr. Martin Luther King's Office was located and his first floor office is soon to be restored by the National Park Service.


Included with this project the facility will house a historical  National Black Radio History Museum recognizing the community heroes in radio broadcasting; who, would otherwise not get recognized.  Included will be a historical database of individuals who were a part of Black Radio, from Jack Cooper in 1929 to present day terrestrial and internet announcers, promoters and staff.






Listed are Members of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame Atlanta Chapter. 

Feel free to contact us in regards to supporting our projects and soon

to be established WERD Atlanta Museum location.




Marsha Washington George           President/Facility Historian


 Casual Cal Dupree                        Vice President/Children Drop The MIC PD


Ashonti Dixon                                Recording Secretary


Sharon L. Seay                               Events & Marketing Associate


Julian Davis                                   Treasurer 


Attorney John Christmas                Chapter Attorney


Dr. Rashad Richey                          Grant Development Division~WAOK Announcer


Willie Hunter                                 Media Consultant & Promotions


Dr. Bill Gay                                    Atlanta Region Facility Director


Alan Johnston                               Promotions


Libby Anthony                               Promotions and Funding Manager


Cie Cie Wilson McGhee                  PSA National and Atlanta/Funding Manager Assistant


Rick Stevenson                              Promotions (T-Shirt/Outer wear campaign)


Ted Astin                                       Black Promoters Historical Project/Concert Mgmt.


Slack Jay                                      Black Promoters Historical Project


Casual Cal                                    Kids Drop the MIC Awards Program Manager


                                                    Radio Historical Research Project


Harry Lyles                                   Radio Historical Research Project


Khalile Thomas                             Kids Drop the MIC Reading Liaison


Mitch Faulkner                             PSA National and Atlanta


Charles Mitchell                           PSA National and Atlanta


David Linton                                PSA Atlanta


Paula G.                                       Kids Drop the MIC Awards Program Assistant


Eddie Levert, Jr.                           Promotions with Libby Anthony


Louie Dinwiddie                           Facility Production Assistant for WERD


Twycetwins                                  Multi-Media Assistants










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