The Atlanta Region of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame has partnered with the Black Experience and Expo organization in congruent with it's youth's Out Reach "Drop The MIC" Annual Award and Mentoring Program; and thereby, has agreed to participate in the grooming of tomorrow's leaders in the fields of study which they wish to endeavor.  The task will be challenging, enjoyable, and a proficent way of developing tomorrow's leaders.  


Atlanta Region members may contact Casual Cal, Marsha George or Felesha Love

for involvement on our Contact Page.


Welcome... As we share our "Drop The MIC" venture.



AUDITIONS: March 31, 2018 


Competition: April 29, 2018 1pm 2000 Convention Center Concourse College Park, Ga.



Details below...





                                  "Drop The M I C "                                                          1st Annual Competition                                                                                                       

It all starts with meeting and getting to know each other. 

Students from Frank S. Lindley Middle School Mableton, Ga. Chapter



Black Experience & Expo's 1st Annual ‘Drop the Mic’

Youth Speak-Off



The Mission of Black Experience & Expo’s 1st Annual ‘Drop the Mic’ Youth Speak-Off is to provide speaking opportunities to youth in our communities who have felt they had no voice or no platform.  We seek to make a difference in the lives of youth by helping them to better process their thoughts and emotions and to communicate these thoughts and emotions through development of their writing and speaking skills. It is our mission to help them recognize, develop and express their God given voice to improve their lives and the lives of those around them --- both near and far.  





It is the vision of Black Experience & Expo 1st Annual Youth Speak-Off to host public speaking competitions, to teach and develop young speakers through the use of public speaking clubs and camps, ultimately developing trained youth speakers with grand stage speaking experience.





Competition Rules


Qualified Contestants (QC) – Individuals who submit an Entry Form and participate in the required auditions.

NOTE: Qualified Contestants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis with the selection for the required audition based on this standard. No more than 7 contestants will be allowed to participate in the competition.


·         Eligibility Requirements:

o   Must be a middle or high school student between the ages of 9 and 17 on April 28, 2018.

o   Must fill out and submit the Entry Form to the Competition Coordinator at 

o   Applicant must be available to attend a brief audition on March 31st for final approval to participate in the competition.  The audition details will be forwarded upon receipt and review of the Entry Form.

o   A Competition Acceptance letter is required to participate in the event.

o   Parent(s) or Guardian must attend the competition with contestant.


·         Attire Requirements:

o   Appropriate attire is required.   

§  MALE:  Professional attire (i.e. suit OR shirt, tie and slacks)

§  FEMALES:  Professional attire (i.e. suit, dress, skirt & blouse OR slacks & blouse)


·         Speech Requirements:

o   Speech will be no more than 5 minutes in length and shall NOT contain any abusive, foul or offensive language.

o   Speech MUST reflect or be based on the theme for “If I Could Change 1 Thing in My Community, City, Nation or World to Make It A Better Place, It Would Be…”

o   All speeches must be original work.  Any quotes used must give credit to the author of the quote.

o   Notes will NOT be permitted at the competition.

o   Appropriate material is to be presented. 

o   Speaking order will be randomly determined by the Competition Coordinator.

o   No costumes are allowed.  However visual aids or props are allowed.

o   Speeches violating the above criteria will be disqualified by the judges.


·         Judging Criteria:

o   There will be three judges and a timer for the competition.

o   Judges will not be related to or have any affiliation with any of the contestants, clubs, schools or programs which the contestants represent.

o   The Competition Coordinator will select the judges for each competition.

o   Any questions will be resolved by a specially appointed Chief Judge or the Competition Coordinator.


·         Awards:

o   Trophies (along with other prizes) will be awarded to the winners.




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